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Soul Cape Service     $120 USD

Since this is a DND and can be played only once a week  we guarantee 3 Souls Capes for 1 successful kill for $120 USD. This means we will make sure we get the 1st 3 capes for u, which is (Cyan Soul Cape, Barrows Soul Cape and the White Soul Cape) incase we get the kill in under 12 mins, 10 mins, 8 mins or 6 mins, u could get the other respective capes however we do not guarantee the same. What we can Guarantee is getting u 3 capes for sure, if the kill is done sooner u could be lucky to get more soul capes in that one successful kill without us charging u any extra for the additional capes.

Terms of Service:

  • We guarantee a 100% manual service, we do not use any bots or macros which can harm your account.

  • The Price in USD is the dollar rate we accept by Paypal/Skrill/RSGP/BTC/ETH/LTC/Other Cryptos.

  • All Items that are needed for the Required Service (Including Armour/Weapons/Potions/Food) have to be on the account or there should be enough  cash in game in order for us to purchase the same.

  • Make sure you meet all the Requirements needed for the Service you wish to Order.

  • In case you do not meet the requirements (Be it sub-quests or skill requirements), we will not complete the service and are not liable to any refunds.

  • Payments have to be made before the Service is started and NO REFUND is available after the payment is made.

  • Also Please Note that these prices are for the service only.

  • We would never do any rule breaking on the account and so there should be no mutes or bans however if the account is banned or muted we do not stand responsible for the same.

By contacting us you agree to all the above Terms of Service.